Lush Life Travel has announced the launch of a “Wellness on Water” river cruise focused on women travellers.

Ottawa award-winning travel advisor, Sheila Gallant-Halloran, owner of Lush Life Travel, has designed a women-themed European river cruise for 2024. This river cruise is designed for “self-care and healing” and will be a “wellness on water” experience. It offers a perfect gathering for mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. Women are invited to come travel with someone; or travel alone, together; from Budapest to Prague on this soothing luxury adventure. (Kindly note, husbands and partners are welcomed, and normal shore excursions and dining will be available for them. But they may wish to sit out any special onboard cruise programming with a definite woman theme!)


• SHAKE OFF yesterday’s fear and isolation
• PERSIST through today’s “hot mess”
• EMBRACE YOUR GRACE on the River Duchess river cruise ship
• RECLAIM Your Power
• REGROUP with Sisters
• RADIATE Joy Again

STEP 2.) STEP ONBOARD your moving boutique hotel room
• EAT culinary excellence from farm-to-ship cuisine to ‘travelling lite’ menus
• DRINK unlimited premium spirits and wine
• BE MERRY with friends new and old, while enjoying enrichment programs
• RECHARGE amid personalized service & pampering, sunrise yoga & fitness classes
• REST on the Savoir beds, the world’s most luxurious

STEP 3.) STEP ONSHORE to cities and towns along the Danube River
• CAST AWAY from Budapest -St. Stephen’s Basilica to thermal baths, Great Markets to Strudel houses
• WALTZ through Vienna – from Schonbrunn to the Belvedere, Opera Houses to coffee houses
• GLIDE along the Wachau Valley – UNESCO calls it one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes
• FIND abbeys, vineyards, castles, and charming Bavarian villages
• TOP OFF in Prague -ambiance, ornate Gothic architecture to John Lennon wall, astronomical clock

Let me know if you want to take the 3 steps to "Embrace Your Grace!"

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"Lush Life Travel has announced the launch of a “Wellness on Water” river cruise focused on women travellers.

This seven-night Danube River cruise, which caters to solo female travellers, sets sail from Budapest on Oct. 4, 2024, and heads to Nuremberg before finishing its voyage in Prague on Oct. 13, 2024.

“After emerging from the isolation of the pandemic, many of my clients want to reclaim their power,” said Sheila Gallant-Halloran, owner of Lush Life Travel.

“This cruise offers a perfect gathering for mothers and daughters, sisters, and friends. However, solo women travellers are also welcomed to come travel alone, together. I have negotiated some reduced solo supplements for solo cabins. And I’ve also crafted a ‘solo share’ program, so solo women can share a cabin.”

An onboard fitness center, wellness classes and curated excursions are available to all travellers onboard.

Boutique-style rooms include handcrafted Savoir beds, and guests will have access to unlimited premium spirits and wines, as well as five-star farm-to-table cuisine."  https://news.paxeditions.com/news/cruise/lush-life-travel-announces-women-focused-danube-river-cruise