Pack Your Patience

When you travel this year, you have to pack your patience.

Pilot shortages, limited ground crew, other staff shortages, cancelled flights and schedule changes, etc. have added to the normal travel stressors we know from pre-pandemic.

Travel is a little bit more complicated now.

And that’s before we factor in the bizarre weather challenges, war in Ukraine, skyrocketing fuel costs and inflation.

Now too, the summer strikes are starting in Europe with rail and taxi disruptions in the UK, France, and Italy.

If you are travelling this summer, more than likely, you will experience delays.

Even more than likely, you will be travelling with crowds. The planes will be full.

And you will experience long lines.

Especially in Europe.

Lots of lines.

Some suggestions:

1. Pack your patience

2. Travel with a carry on suitcase only

3. Travel at least 2 days prior to any cruise or booked tour – or any wedding or celebration

4. Pack snacks, and have fully charged battery packs.

5. Bring earphones (both iPods and old- style one Jack plane ones), as well as lots of wipes and masks.

6. Dress for delays, and cooler air conditioning on planes or airports – have a sweater or shawl, and eye masks too.

7. Do not freak out at airport or train attendants trying to help you. You’ll get much further with honey than vinegar.

8. Book your travel with a travel advisor. We can’t control the delays, schedule changes or cancellations, or long lines – but we can help if you’re stuck, and advocate for you.


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Work with a travel advisor when you travel.

And – let me know if you’d like to arrange a consultation.