River Cruise Food

I’ve done over 30 ocean cruises, and did my first river cruise about 5 years ago. And now I’m hooked.

Sure, ocean cruises are fantastic – especially small ships and expedition cruises. They’ll always have a piece of my heart.  Ocean cruises bring you to a country. But here’s the biggest difference – river cruises take you through a country. There’s nothing like the intimacy of a river cruise. The largest river cruise ship has 190 people onboard, but many cruise lines have 164 people or less.

And the food is fantastic on all.  And the food is fantastic on all. Think country-specific and immersive food, prepared fresh each day.

And there’s no finer food than on AMA Waterways.

Why AMA https://www.amawaterways.ca/agent/lushlife/whyamawaterways

Award-winning https://www.amawaterways.ca/agent/lushlife/explore/award-winning

You can find more about dining here https://www.amawaterways.ca/agent/lushlife/explore/onboard-dining

AmaWaterways’ expert chefs craft menus that feature exquisite, locally-inspired cuisine as well as traditional, Western offerings. At breakfast, sip sparkling wine as you partake fresh pastries, or opt for something made-to-order from the menu. Stop by the Main Lounge for a light lunch, or head to the restaurant for full menu service and high-quality regional wine or beer. Dinner is a delectable, multi-course affair with wine recommendations that accompany visually stunning, delicious dishes. Try local favorites — like goulash while cruising through Hungary, bratwurst and sauerkraut after returning to the ship from Vienna, or Camembert cheese while on the Seine — or something more familiar, like a sandwich. No matter what your preference, your taste buds are sure to be impressed.

Aboard their ships, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to personalizing your dining experience. Head to the Main Restaurant or The Chef’s Table specialty restaurant to savor award-winning cuisine. Stop by the Main Lounge for tapas between meals. You’ll also find a light lunch and snacks throughout the day here. And on board AmaMagna, there are four unique dining experiences, including our Al Fresco Restaurant and Jimmy’s Restaurant.

You can also join a few of your fellow travelers at The Chef’s Table, where the kitchen — usually hidden — becomes part of the entertainment. You’ll have the opportunity to watch the chef prepare a special multi-course meal right in front of you. The menu here is unique, making this a truly distinct gastronomic experience. Indulge in delectable dishes served with unlimited fine wines, hand-selected just for this dinner. It is the only venue of its kind on the river.

You will enjoy complimentary, unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks during lunch and dinner, as well as sparkling wine and fresh-squeezed juices during breakfast. They hand pick only the highest quality wines and pair them with our cuisine. You’ll have the chance to savor different wines on each day of your cruise. Their reds and whites are of the highest quality, and come from local wineries and vineyards. It is a fantastic way to savor the flavor of each region you are visiting. Rieslings from the Wachau Valley, Sauternes in Bordeaux and Calvados from Normandy are just a few examples of how you can indulge.

AmaWaterways and President Rudi Schreiner were also inducted into La Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, a prestigious international gastronomic society dedicated to fine cuisine. Founded in Paris in 1950 to honor the royal Guild of Goose Roasters (whose origins date back to the 13th century), it is the oldest and largest food and wine society in the world. Membership to La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is by invitation only and is extended to those possessing world-class culinary acumen. All of their ships in Europe are members and our onboard culinary team is united by a desire to share their expert knowledge of wine and fine dining with you.


So, if you’re a foodie, AMA Waterways is for you.

Of course, that’s one of the things I do with my clients, is to help matchmake them to the right river cruise company for them – whether it’s AMA, Uniworld, Tauck, A&K, Avalon, or another.

And when you think that in Europe, anyway, all the river cruise ships are the same “box” – they all have to sail under the same bridges and around the same curves of the river, so the river cruise ships are generally all the same size – but there is quite a difference between the different river cruise lines in how many people they put onboard, and how they decorate the rooms.

There are differences in size of rooms and comfort. There are differences in what they include (all alcohol all the time, or beer and wine; all transfers and gratuities, or pay as you go). There are differences in the service levels (the number of crew onboard) and their food (are they award-winning foodies or do they provide the basics). There are also differences in the additional things they offer – such as bikes, salons, fitness rooms, and special programs. One of the things I do for my clients is to matchmake them to the right river cruise for them.

I’m certified in all the major river cruise lines – Tauck, Uniworld, AMA, Avalon, Scenic, Emerald, International Expeditions, and more.  I know and have helped 1000s of clients with the right holiday for them. So, I work with you to find the right fit.

And if you’re a foodie, odds are, I may steer you towards AMA Waterways.