Rocky Mountaineer – Vancouver to Kamloops

Riding the Rocky Mountaineer trip is a “trip of a lifetime,” and I was very fortunate to just have the opportunity to do it. I couldn’t wait to board the train in Vancouver.

After spending a night at the lovely Fairmont Vancouver, I was ready to start the train adventure through the Canadian Rockies.

We had a very early (6:15 am) meeting in the hotel lobby for the motorcoach shuttle to the Rocky Mountaineer terminal. Once we arrived at the terminal, we listened to a pianist skillfully entertain us, and then had bagpipes play after the “all aboard” call went out.


And, I got to have a chat to Bob Nicholas, VP Global Sales of Rocky Mountaineer; and my sales rep, Cynthia Landry, before we boarded.


The excitement as you boarded the train was palpable!  Everyone was taking photos of the train, and themselves. Of course, I couldn’t resist.


Once we did get onboard, and got settled in our assigned seats, Bob Nicholas welcomed the group of travel advisors I was travelling with onboard the train.

Then, the fun began!  As we pulled out of the terminal, and had the hearty good-bye line of waves from all the Rocky Mountaineer terminal staff, the scenery began to whisk by in all its glory.  It was amazing.

But before we’d ventured too far, we were told which dining seating we were on. The Rocky  Mountaineer Gold Leaf is the top rung of service onboard the train. The upper level of the Gold Leaf cars can hold 72 passengers, but the lower level dining car holds 36 at a time. So, there are two shifts.

The first day, I was on the first seating for dining. The food is pretty awesome on the Gold Leaf of the Rocky Mountaineer. Here is a picture of my breakfast – eggs benedict!  (It was so scrumptious, I had it both days in a row!)

While the food is delish, the scenery is equally delish. It soon started to amaze us!

Just looking through the glass domes of the Gold Leaf car was awe-inspiring.

And, before we had a chance to even get very hungry after that spectacular breakfast, then it was time for lunch!  Gourmet meals continued – with a choice of chicken, Alberta short ribs, or salmon (with appetizer and desserts too, of course).  The noshin’ was good!  And vino, beer, cocktails, and snacks were available throughout the day – in the dining car, and at your seat.

Sufficiently satiated, we return to our upper level dome seats after lunch, and saw more spectacular scenery. We rode past Hell’s Gate onboard the train.

And were amazed by even the simplest of sights through the glass dome windows.

The further the day rode on, the better the views seemed to get.

I even took a “selfie” photo from the outside vestibule (which is an open area at the back of the dining car, just after the stairs to get up to the upper level seating).


A beautiful warm day onboard, and watching the sights makes one thirsty. Of course, there is always someone close by on the Gold Leaf to offer you your favorite refreshment.

Cold beer, anyone?


All in all, the first day onboard the Rocky Mountaineer was absolutely SPECTACULAR!

Give me a call if you’d like to learn more. We have some amazing offers on this award-winning train!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran