Day 2 – Rocky Mountaineer – Kamloops to Jasper


Day 1 on the “western explorer” route of the Rocky Mountaineer had us travel from Vancouver to Kamloops. Day 2 promised even more spectacular scenery as we neared the Rockies.

After an early night in Kamloops, BC after day 1, day 2 onboard the “Journey through the Clouds” had us rising early to get the train from Kamloops to Jasper.

Once again, we experienced exceptional service onboard. There were hot towels to get the morning started. As I’d been on the first dining on day 1, I was on the second dining for breakfast and lunch for day 2. (The dining car holds about 36, while the Gold Leaf car can hold 72 people. So, there are two shifts for dining.)

Of course, waiting until the first service finishes their breakfast doesn’t mean you go hungry. Scones and coffee are offered to tide you over until you go for breakfast.


We also had a special treat  on day 2. Because the train had split in Kamloops (only half continued on to Jasper, while the other half went to Banff), our Gold Leaf car ended up being the last car. This allowed us to not only get terrific air and breezes from the vestibule on the lower level, but it also afforded us the opportunity to get some terrific photographs.

The views were spectacular on day 2 as well. Here is a shot of us in the Moose Lake area.


And the best advantage from us having beautiful clear weather and sunny skies meant that we also got crystal clear views of Mount Robson. This is a very rare treat that we were able to benefit from. Our Rocky Mountaineer staff assured us that most of the year, the mountain is covered in fog.

There was plenty of sightseeing to keep us occupied – and – then there was more food!

As with day 1, we didn’t really get the chance to get hungry after a gourmet breakfast. (I had eggs benedict the second day in a row – it was that good!)  While we waited for the second service of lunch, vino and cheese was served.

And the main course was spectacular in the lower level dining room. This day, I had a fantastic salmon entree, as well as this terrific dessert.

Of course, we were entertained with jokes, and given lots of information about what we were seeing onboard the train.  Kevin and the gang were fantastic onboard hosts.


But the day was over much too soon. We arrived at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge both energized and exhausted from everything we’d seen. We had witnessed some just spectacular sights!  And the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge kept the sightseeing going!


Let me know if you’d like to go check out the Rocky Mountaineer with your family!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran