We specialize in soft adventure travel experiences.

What's soft adventure? Travel that doesn't require special training or equipment. Hard adventure does require special training and equipment.

For soft adventure - think snorkeling, walking and cycling holidays, food experiences, and cultural immersion trips.

That doesn't mean we don't plan hard adventure trips for our clients - or encompass an element of hard adventure in a bigger trip. It just means that the vast majority of our clients don't do holidays that are specifically designed around scuba diving holidays, scaling Mount Everest, or riding the Tour de France.

"Once upon a time, adventure travel meant roughing it and dealing with what nature threw your way - thunderbursts, bunions, an encounter with an unfriendly moose after the sun went down. Today, it's Backcountry Lite: you can still venture into the heart of Alaska, just as long as your back by dusk, and the zinfandel's really delightful."  ~ Brad Tuttle, "Travel: Great Views, Less Sweat," Newsweek, June 24, 2004