Tauck Certified Agent – How You See The World Matters

I am so excited to share with you what I learned on Tauck’s Travel Agent Academy onboard their new riverboat, the MS Savor.



Tauck is a US company, headquartered in Connecticut, and they’ve been doing escorted holidays for almost 90 years  Three generations of Taucks have been pioneers in escorted travel since their first tour through New England in 1925. Yet, many Canadians have ever heard of Tauck, and the now over 100 tours they do around the world . But those who had were very loyal and repeat guests.

I like to tell my clients that as your travel advisor, you can think of me as your master chef. 🙂 I can work with different suppliers as my ingredients for your meal. Depending on the experience, or meal, you’re looking to consume, I can mix particular suppliers to match your tastes and needs. Some days you might want a hamburger, and some days you might want a foodie’s paradise culinary adventure – I can work with my partner suppliers to get you the meal you desire. And while I certainly have mixed Tauck ingredients to craft some masterful meals for clients (and had them come back from their trips as raving Tauck fans), Tauck wasn’t one of the first companies I recommended to clients – I hadn’t often wandered into that section of the grocery store. That’s going to change.

With a 96.8% guest satisfaction rate, and 53% of guests re-booking a Tauck trip in the SAME year (and higher rates for second and third year re-bookings), you know that they have built their tremendously successful company on solid footing. Tauck offers over 100 trips around the world with styles that include

1.World Discovery- worldwide land travel,

2.Small Ship Cruising -worldwide cultural exploration,

3.River Cruise uncommon access exclusive inclusive

4.Bridges with family travel adventures,

5,Culturious with culturally immersive active travel, &

6.Events with once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.

I have been so impressed to experience one of their trips as a client – so I can recommend them to you whole-heartedly, because I know how they will treat you on vacation. 

Tauck’s philosophy is “how you see the world matters.” They say it’s easy to see the world’s sights. To stnd in long lines, push through the crowds, and generally have the same standard-issue vacation as everyone else. But that’s not good enough for you. They believe that travel should be easy. It should be fun. It should be worth your time and the price you paid. It should re-energize and transform. And above all else, it should be beyond the ordinary. Because how you see the world matters.

That just about sums up how I feel about my clients’ trips too – your trip should not be ordinary. You are trading precious time for family memories. Time is nonrefundable.

Of course, I’ll continue to offer you a variety of suppliers when I prepare your next vacation meal (as is evident by the 3 active holidays I’ve listed on the right for your consideration – neither of them are Tauck holidays), but when we discuss your next holiday, I will ensure I wander into the Tauck section of the grocery store, and ensure you’ve at least considered a Tauck experience.   

Sheila Gallant-Halloran