Dare Yourself to Go Somewhere New

I’m now in Bogota, Colombia on a special Cox and Kings escorted tour with my 14 year old daughter. Wonderfully busy checking out new travel options for you! And, yes, I just dared myself to go somewhere new. You should too!

I was certainly a little apprehensive about travelling to Colombia – its history and reputation among us foreigners certainly maligns the country, and the recent election, and world cup football/ soccer have heightened the amount of red ink I see on travel advisories. Yet, I decided we had to brave new worlds, and go somewhere new. Besides, I’d be touring with Cox and Kings, a Virtuoso partner of mine (along with their local operator, Metropolitan Touring of Colombia), with a private guide, so I was ensured of five star service, and being safe.


Bogota has 8 million people, and is the capital of it’s state (Colombia has 32 states or departments. Bogota is the capital of the state or department of Cundinamarca, as well as the capital of the country of Colombia.)  Bogota is busy, crowded, and alive.  We were greeted by our guide for Cox and Kings (Melina Ramirez of Metropolitan Touring) at the airport, and whisked away to our hotel downtown.

While I only arrived yesterday afternoon, I’m impressed with Bogota, Colombia already. The city is somewhat in mourning over their world cup loss to Brazil on Friday (the Colombia team returns to a huge hosted heroes welcome in Bogota’s Central Park today), but that doesn’t mean everyone still isn’t a huge soccer/ football fan. My daughter and I ate supper at the hotel – there was live streaming of soccer, and then follow up analysis, going on in every shared space of the hotel.  Wait staff stopped to watch the action after delivering our meals. Everyone’s attention was fixated. I can only imagine how electric it was to be here a day earlier with Colombia still in the hunt.

Our hotel in Bogota, the Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia is an absolutely stunning little luxury hotel in the midst of the city. Ciara and I have been welcomed with open arms. It is so pretty here.


I will share more about my Colombia adventures in next week’s newsletter. But, in the interim, enjoy the bit about the Sofitel, and my travel plans, and if you would like to visit this emerging “hot” travel destination, please let me know.



Sheila Gallant-Halloran


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