Testimonial from Client, Will Gibbons

My client, Will Gibbons, generously submitted the following review of working with me.


“I came to Sheila with a difficult challenge- How to accommodate a family (with a very young child) leaving from different countries on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. Also- Did I also mention that it was last minute and we had no specific idea where we wanted to go?

I have to admit that we weren’t the easiest clients to accommodate; however, she provided several different quality options for various accessible destinations with reasonable price points. As a result of her diligent research, we ended up trying the Mayan Riviera for first time, and getting the family south at one of the best times of the year as a result of her work.

I would certainly use her services again, and would recommend anyone else looking to plan a family getaway to do the same.”


Thanks, Will!  I was a pleasure and an honour to work with you!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran