Wanna Visit Mickey? He Will Buy Dinner


 Mickey’s announced the return of free dining last week, and boy, it’s been busy. Walt Disney World Travel’s phones and online systems have been overwhelmed!

But – I’ve been able to persevere through the hours long wait on hold, and deal with the system crashs and kickouts to secure many holidays for my clients.


If you’re thinking of going to visit Mickey, there’s never been a better time.  Arrival windows are spread out (so you can start your holiday inside any of these time windows):
* Aug.31- Oct.03

 * Oct.26- Nov.01

 * Nov.09-Nov.20

 * Dec.12- Dec.23


So – you can go to Disney starting inside these windows, and extend your holiday – perhaps visit during Labour Day, Canadian thanksgiving, Hallowe’en, or even Christmas!  (Or any of the times inside the windows too.) I have booked a holiday for several clients starting vacations before Dec.23rd, but with a stay over Christmas, and Mickey’s buying them dinner every night!


You can get a free “regular plus” dining plan if you purchase a non-discounted WDW room and ticket package at a select Disney Moderate, Disney Deluxe or Disney Deluxe Villa Resort hotel at the Walkt Disney World Resort. (Or you can get a free “quick service” dining plan at a value resort – which you could still upgrade to the regular plus for the price differential.)


Staying at a moderate or deluxe hotel, a family of 4 with a 10 and a 12 year old, say, with mom and dad will save $60.64/person/night on the regular plus dining plan. Times 4 people and times 7 nights, that’s a savings of just about $1700 usd!  (If you have a child aged 3-9, you’re saving $19.23/child/night)


Wanna see Mickey but feeling overwhelmed? Call mehttps://lushlife.ca/2013/03/wanna-see-mickey-but-overwhelmed-call-me/


Call me!  I have now visited 23 times (and am planning my next visit). I have booked hundreds of families to visit Disney, and am a graduate of the travel agent specialist program.


I can help your family get away. And – get Mickey to buy you dinner!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran