“This is an Era, not an Event.”

What a terrific panel by Canadian Geographic Travel’s

Andrew Lovesey at the Travel And Leisure Show Canada I’d attended this week.
As usual, the indomitable Zita Cobb, inn-keeper at Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland, knocked it out of the park.
I’m hoping Andrew will post the video link because Zita dropped two minutes of solid gold at the beginning (besides sparkling gems throughout) when she was asked to give advice to the travel industry and planners, given the concern that exists about safety.

Zita said, “Any of us can only gain confidence by getting out there. It’s by doing. And the longer we stay under the bed, the more fearful we become.”

Most people now understand that this is an era, not an event.”

“… it’s tough putting your foot in what you thought was cold water but actually travellers and planners need to understand that the people running these businesses whether airlines or off the coast of Newfoundland… we are people too, and we have fears too. And the last thing any one of us want to do is to put someone at risk… We care about people, that’s why we’re in this industry in first place. And secondly, we are not going to do something to injure our business.

Because the thing about the travel industry, as we humans navigate this pandemic, we have to do it together. This can only be solved in a co-ordinated way. And our industry is the one that can, and should, lead because by definition, travel is about communities. And if there is anything any of us have learned in staying home for the last five months is that we have a new relationship with local. We’re born to travel. We’re wired this way.

And I think travel in our own country is
a.) safe,
b.) responsible, and
c.) can make a difference in strengthening our country.”


She went on to differentiate “sustainable travel” (which I love) as “don’t make a mess”…. whereas “re-generative travel” is “make better than they were by actions taken in running your business.”


So, where would you like to travel in your own country?