Transformative & Sustainable Travel – Event with Lindblad, Big Five, NatHab, & IE

I was so excited to host this week was with Lindblad Expeditions, Big Five Tours, Natural Habitat, and International Expeditions this past Saturday at Metropolitain Brasserie.  The topic was “transformative and sustainable travel.” I was honoured to have my award-winning partners from these global leaders in sustainable travel come and talk to my clients. We had nature-award International Expeditions; as well as the winners of the top Virtuoso Sustainable Tourism Leadership award for the past 3 years: 2013 winner Lindblad Expeditions, 2014 winner Big Five Tours, and 2015 winner Natural Habitat.
What a terrific and inspiring chat we had with these folks. My clients loved hearing the passion that Claude, Lesa, Ashish, and Don have for their work. We heard their views on how travelling with their company “transforms” their guests, and why sustainable travel is important to their company. We heard about their family travel initiatives, and their philanthropic ventures. And we heard about the “one key thing” that is important to their company, and what is the thing they are most excited about at their work. The storytelling and sharing of experiences was appreciated by all, and left us all inspired to go to the Peruvian Amazon, take that expedition cruise to the Galapagos or Iceland, go see the polar bears in Churchill or the gorillas in Rwanda, or go have a family safari in Kenya or traipse through Myanmar. The world is vast! Go Explore!

We also had a great partnership started with Tom Pinnington of Eddie Bauer at this event. Tom did a trunk show of light and layered clothing you should bring on your next adventure trip.And, he had scratch discount coupons for anyone attending. Tom also offered concierge appointments to help you shop to complete your advance packing list you can get from travelling with these 4 top adventure partners. So, if you book a holiday with me with one of these 4 partners over the next month, here’s a fantastic offer – I will give you a $50 Eddie Bauer gift certificate to help you go shopping for your packing list; and if you set up aconcierge appointment with Tom, he’ll give you 20% off your purchases. Contact me for details!  You have to book a trip with me with one of these 4 fantastic suppliers (Lindblad Expeditions, Big Five Tours, Natural Habitat, or International Expeditions) before November 30th, 2015!

Contact me for details!
Sheila Gallant-Halloran