Walking and Wine Tours – Active Holidays Can't Be Beat

On October 28th, my colleagues Pat Rochon, Janet Lavern, Denise Gushue and I hosted a travel talk on “walking and wine”tours at the Foolish Chicken in Ottawa.

It was our second such show. And it was great.

Folks got to sample wine while we chatted about terrific “walking and wine” tours throughout France, Italy, Spain, Chile, and more!

What a great way to spend an evening. 

We talked about levels of activity…..


and…. when to go:

Here are some of the tours we featured:

One sample trip we discussed “Chianti Walking And Wine” which is a Leisure / Moderate style trips.  Here’s an example of a trip



Another trip was Spain: Granada to Seville (Moderate / Challenging) http://www.vision2000.ca/sheilagh/active-travel/spain-granada-to-seville-moderate–challenging


And another was winelands of Burgundy – http://www.vision2000.ca/sheilagh/active-travel/winelands-of-burgundy-leisure–selfguided




If you’d like to learn more, call me Sheila Gallant-Halloran at 613-837-0699, or email me at sheila.gh@vision2000.ca


And – come to one of our upcoming shows. We’ll feature “small ships to Arctic and Antarctica on Nov.4th” and “Africa for all budgets” on Nov.12th.


Join me!