Finding $ for your dream vacay: Guest blogger, Jacquie Bushell

Today, I have a special guest blogger, Jacquie Bushell, AMP, of My Ottawa Mortgage. Jacquie is a residential mortgage specialist, with particular expertise in arranging mortgages for self-employed professionals. Jacquie is sharing her knowledge with this guest blog: “Finding $ for your dream vacay.”  Thanks, Jacquie! 

(Please contact Jacquie for all your mortgage needs. Her contact details are at the end of the post. Jacquie is a member of my business networking group, and I have every confidence in her professional abilities and her discretion.)


What interests you?

Beautiful beaches? Architecture? Taste buds all a tingle? 

Where will the money come from? 

We all want for a day when we can do what we want, when we want.

Maybe you’ve wanted to travel the world in sailboat spending time feeling the roll of the waves, the wind in your hair and the smell of sea air filling your nostrils?

Or spend months backpacking through Europe?

Or maybe not so much backpacking, but staying in luxurious boutique hotels over looking the sea,  touring the ancient cities and taking in the sights and smells? 

Where will the money come from? 

Tap into your home equity! 

You may have enough equity in your home that would allow for you to take out a secure line of credit that could facilitate the financing for your dream trip. A secure line of credit is easily obtained and working with a mortgage broker can make the process that much more convenient.

How do you find out if you have enough equity in your home? What will it cost?  Where do you start?

Just give me a call or an email, I am happy to answer your questions, go over scenarios, but most importantly, get you started with financing, and get you ON that dream vacay. 

Why a Mortgage Broker? Knowledge, Convenience and Choice!

Jacquie Bushell AMP 

Residential Mortgage Specialist

613 882 3201