Disney's Hair Wrap Rap

Hangin’ at the Poly with my two l’il girls.

They need to sit a sec, and leave the “volcano pool” whirl.

They see a lady at a stand that’s doing a flip.

With bright colours swinging all around, her peeps look quite hip.

“Oh Mom, we must”, they cry. “We just need to look cool.”

“This won’t wash out right away. And we can keep it at school.”

I’m a sucker for my babes. That is no lie.

They know just how to work it, and they will til I die.

They take turns on the seat, on the throne that’s a stool.

And pick their favourite colours from the plentiful spool.

The lady takes a section of their fine golden hair

And wraps colourful floss around it, til you’re not sure it’s still there

$2 an inch, but the beads aren’t free.

20 minutes of your time, for some fine embroidery.

The results are pretty rad, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

So do the Disney hair rap. Just forgive bad rapster, me.