Made-to-measure travel arrangements; please, go away! :-)

Hi there – welcome to my first blog. Allow me to introduce myself by sharing with you my tagline – “made-to-measure travel arrangements; please, go away!” 🙂

I’m not a NORMAL travel agent, whatever that is. 🙂 Sure, I’m in business to sell travel services. I was the winner of the “Top Travel Counsellor in Canada” award in 2009. But what matters more than any sales figure was the other distinctions I received (and work hard to maintain) – that my colleagues voted me “Most Helpful Travel Counsellor,” and, most importantly, that my customer surveys show my clients would recommend me to their friends and family. My colleagues and my clients say that I am a trusted resource, and I provide a valuable service.

But – there’s no need to take their word for it! Give me a call to talk about your travel dreams. I’ll work with you to make them come true.

Just be prepared to have a chat first.  I have to take the time to find out what matters most to you, what your expectations are about how you will spend your vacation time, and what memories you want to bring back home with you.  I will tailor the vacation experience to fit your family’s needs.

Of course, I provide value for money, knowledge, and a terrific personal touch that will exceed your expectations. I am an expert on internet searches, so you don’t have to be. And besides saving you the time and energy of researching; my knowledge base, access to specials, and information is not limited to what you might find on your own. I have other experience, training, and resources to uncover what is good and what isn’t.

Please, go away! 🙂