Parque Condor:Eagles,Condors& Kestrels, Oh My!

On a recent Adventure by Disney trip to Ecuador, we visited Parque Condor. The Parque Condor is a refuge for condors, and other birds; and they are hard at work trying to save these birds from extinction.

We met the curator of the refuge. (And I loved to see his Canadian Tilley hat!  Although he told me the Ecuadorian sunlight was too harsh for the hat – he was on his 3rd one!)

And we saw some incredible vistas of the Otavalo Valley.


As our guidebook taught us, “With incredible wingspans of nearly 3 meters, condors soar the South American skies as the aerial custodians of the Andean mountains.  As majestic an aura they may project, condors lead fragile existences as humankind encroaches upon their native habitat. At Parque Condor, we witness the dedicated efforts toward rescuing these rare and noble species along with other winged creatures in need of refuge.”  And we witnessed many other types of birds being nursed back to health as well.




What was really cool, was seeing the bald eagles fly over the valley, and return to the curator.




And I got to hold a kestrel bird!  And pose by a bald eagle….







Then we got to continue the flying theme, and we “spread our own wings” by flying kites above Otavalo.  A very cool experience for kids of all ages!


Let me know if you’d like to check out an Adventure by Disney trip for your family!