Hacienda Pinsaqui in Andean Highlands, Ecuador

On a recent Adventure by Disney trip, we were welcomed at the Hacienda Pinsaqui when we arrived in the Andean Highlands.

It’s not often I have a band welcome me to my hotel.





pretty cool


It was a wonderful welcome in a 17th century Hacienda.



Our room was somewhat rustic, and certainly would never be considered luxury. But it was comfortable and clean. And we were immersed in the Ecuadorian culture.

The Andes were surprisingly cold for early November. There was no heat in our rooms, other than a wood stove. And each night we were at dinner, the maintenance staff would come in and light our stove. We also had a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, and placed in our bed for warmth. 


We also were treated to some wonderful folk dancers before supper. It was a very interesting performance to watch.


Interesting to be immersed so completely in the Ecuadorian culture. Let me know if you’d like to check it out.