Antarctica & the Arctic: Pole to Pole

Adventures are different at our planet’s poles. From awe-inspiring icebergs as large as cathedrals to waddling penguins and roving polar bears, Antarctica and the Arctic promise sublime explorations in places few ever visit. Travel in style and luxury on some of the industry’s most advanced expedition ships that take your trip from exhilarating to exceptional. Connect with your Virtuoso travel advisor to start planning.
Lapland’s Hidden Gems
Finland & Sweden
This luxurious 6-day Arctic Range Rover adventure by Balder Expert – Finland promises an unforgettable experience with thrilling activities and top-notch accommodations. Enjoy the serenity and natural beauty of Finnish Lapland’s Arctic region, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Wild Greenland Escape
National Geographic Resolution
A next-generation expedition ship, purpose-built for polar navigation. A fully stabilized, ice-class Polar Class 5 vessel designed to navigate polar passages year-round and safely explore uncharted waters while providing exceptional comfort. Her X-BOW® offers a smooth ride even in adverse conditions.
Destination: North Pole
Longyearbyen to Reykjavík
Push the boundaries of navigation and go north on PONANT’s Le Commandant Charcot – the world’s first electric hybrid polar exploration ship powered by liquefied natural gas. Search for the geographic North Pole, following in the footsteps of legendary explorers.
Endless Summer
Round-trip from Reykjavík
Sail along the dramatic coast of West Greenland with Quark Expeditions, exploring deep fjords and stunning islands. Visit culturally rich towns, coast by massive glaciers, and enjoy the comforts of Ultramarine. Summer means longer days, clear vistas, and active wildlife.
Your Next Escapade
Whether you’re in pursuit of penguin sightings or immersive encounters, Aurora Expeditions will get you there with purpose-built, small ships offer immersive activities in uncharted territories that few have the privilege to explore.
Antarctica and Patagonia – Legendary Ice and Epic Fjords (18 Days)
For generations, the Lindblad name has been synonymous with exploration, adventure and responsible tourism. These abiding traits are born from our rich heritage as the first expedition company and our inherent passion for discovery and preservation, which together provide awe-inspiring travel experiences in every corner of the world. Since Lars-Eric Lindblad created Lindblad Travel in 1958 as a way to introduce like-minded adventurers to remote lands, pristine nature and diverse cultures, Lindblad has inspired tens of thousands of explorers to discover their planet and ponder their place within it. Join us to explore the 7 continents.
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