How to Use the Self-Timer on Your iPhone ~ Perfecting the Selfie

The self-timer on your iphone is a neat feature. I didn’t know it existed until my 10 year old showed me.

Here are some instructions for you to use it.

Self-Timer on the iPhone

-See details and full article here for more info

– Launch the Camera app
– Tap the little stop watch looking icon in the Camera app to see the Self Timer options







And then:

– Choose “3s” for a 3 second self timer, or “10s” for a 10 second self timer (the latter is best if you’re trying to stage something or move far away)







– Tap the Camera shutter button as usual, this starts the Self Timer before the picture is taken rather than immediately taking the photo, so get into the frame or whatever your intention is, when the timer is up, the picture will take







– Once the timer has started, there will be a visual countdown on the Camera apps screen, as well as an accompanying set of sound effects to indicate the countdown has begun and the shutter has snapped.

And that’s it!