Generate Positive Change Through Travel

Last week’s newsletter was about Wandering Wisely. And I thought I’d continue the idea about “Generating Positive Change Through Travel” in the wellness corner this week.


Travel is a gift and a love that we all share. I like to work with travel partners that 1.) are well-managed and well-funded, and 2.) work with me to find the right trip for a client, and 3.) I can rely on to deliver quality products and travel experiences, and 4.) work with me when and if problems occur to ensure the client is well cared for.


You might know that I love Uniworld River Cruises because of their standing on all 4 points. But I also hold other companies in their family in the same high regard. Another partner is Luxury Gold.


Here’s why: “In 2008 we asked ourselves, how do we promote sustainable travel and protect our planet for future generations? We recognize our responsibility to ensure our impact on the planet, people and wildlife is a positive one. We address this in two ways: through our 5-year How We Tread Right sustainability strategy and the work of our not-for-profit organisation, the TreadRight Foundation. ”




“Our 5-year Sustainability Strategy​  -How We Tread Right​ ”

Our strategy is based on 11 measurable goals anchored to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These address the issues of climate change, sustainable food production, waste reduction, travel experiences, diversity and inclusion, and wildlife conservation. ​ 

A journey with Luxury Gold means you’re choosing sustainable luxury travel, with a company that puts responsible travel at the heart of everything we do. To follow our progress, view our most recent impact report.


I believe travel partners who help people travel sustainably are the best ones to help you travel better to sustain you. Why not take care of the planet while you’re taking care of yourself?


And wellness travel is all about taking care of yourself!


They do magnificent holidays and and go beyond the velvet rope


Luxury Gold is also helpful to solo travelers – see


Here’s a sampling of a few holidays.


New Zealand


South Africa









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