Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

Some posts and pictures from my visit to the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois.

November 2022

I finally arrived in Basel, Switzerland . I’m staying for a pre-cruise night at the beautiful Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois . And I have a balcony overlooking the Rhine river! It’s a gorgeous hotel dating back to 1682 – with former guests including Napoleon and Pablo Picasso . I’ll miss trying their 3* Michelins restaurant (closed on Mondays), but I’m enjoying my stay at this historic hotel. Site inspection in morning before I board my AmaWaterways cruise.


What a wonderful site inspection (after a fantastic pre-cruise overnight stay) I had of the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois this morning with Andrea Jung.
As the article says, “For some three centuries, Le Trois Rois has offered travelers a slice of Old European luxury on the banks of the Rhine. Named for Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, the Three Kings offers a level of accommodation that the magi wouldn’t ever have contemplated during their trek to see a boy in manger.
The hotel’s hospitality has been enjoyed by the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Elizabeth II, Pablo Picasso, the Empress of Japan, Duke Ellington, The Rolling Stones, Charles Dickens, Jean Paul Sartre and the Dalai Lama. But the less celebrated among us will also treasure this palace of delights for its sybaritic offerings: fine wine and liquor, heavenly cuisine and a dedicated cigar lounge.”
And it is gorgeous.
The hotel’s first papers date back to 1681. Napoleon held a state dinner in 1700s, and Herzl (who laid the foundation for the state of Israel)
stayed several times – leading to suites in their name.
The hotel is furnished in a neo-classical style from the 1800’s with generous sprinklings of beautiful antiques in each room and in public areas, plus art by folks like Picasso all throughout in the dining room.
There are beautiful views of the Rhine, and a 3 star Michelin restaurant too.
The hotel is currently getting dressed up for Christmas .
The name “Trois Rois” is named after the magi – and there are traces of those ancient trader / merchants all through this hotel along the trade route of the river.
And – I walked from the hotel to my river cruise ship.


I caught a cab from the Basel airport to the same Les Trois Rois hotel quite easily and on my own.

My memory is it was about a 20 minute drive, and cost about 30 euros.

The airport in Basel is quite small and friendly, and it is easily arranged


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