Have you met "Beverly" – Club Cool, Future World at Epcot, Disney

It’s always fun to introduce something educational on a holiday. During a recent trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, I took my family to Club Cool at Epcot. 

This isn’t an attraction, in the normal Disney sense of the word, but it is indeed a cool spot to rest, and get out of the heat of Epcot for a few moments to get your group to rest. (Just beyond Innovations West, past the large Epcot fountain.)

The “attraction” is sponsored by Coca-Cola, and there’s indeed a lot of promo stuff about Coke (as well as the chance to buy merchandise).  But trying the free samples of cokes from around the world makes the non-stop commercial a little easier to swallow. There are cokes from Mozambique, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, Japan, Israel, Mexico and China. 

The soda dispensers look much like any soda fountain – although with streams of kids and adults alike filling their cups, you may have to dispenser hop to try all flavours as Disney staff work to keep the supply up.

Mozambique Krest ginger ale and the Costa Rican Fanta were very popular with my kids. Nothing like getting their fill of a drink that tastes very much like what they are used to.

The Chinese watermelon drink was also suprisingly well liked.

And then there is Beverly.  Being the good mom that I am (ok, with a touch of cruel humour) I had to introduce my family members one at a time… so the second and third people weren’t tipped off.

Beverly is an apertif in Italy. But it’s bitter flavour is such that my kids and husband would drink or eat anything to get the taste of it out of their mouth shortly afterwards. 

Its a “taste test” that you won’t soon forget!

Visit Club Cool, and introduce your friends and family to Beverly.  They’ll be glad you did! 🙂