Improvements at Toronto Pearson

Finally, a little bit of good news. We’re starting to see some improvements at Toronto Pearson airport.
I’m cautiously optimistic. Of course, I still will tell you to be there 4 hours in advance for security check ins. But, we’re starting to see things ease a little. Here’s a picture I took inside Pearson for a domestic connection last week.
My husband, daughter, and I flew last Sunday from Ottawa to Newfoundland, connecting through Toronto. I was nervous about the crowds, and fully expected delays – even though we were going through security in Ottawa, and flying a domestic flight. We packed carry ons only, and were mentally prepared for delays in Pearson.
Our first flight was on time and uneventful. When we had a delay getting off the plane, I thought “here we go” – there’s probably no staff to handle the deplaning. But the delay was only 10-15 minutes (not hours and hours as some passengers had experienced), and we walked off the plane, and got to our next gate quickly.
We waited to board our flight with a full plane full of tourists and Newfoundlanders eager to travel back for “Come Home Year.” The surging demand to travel has certainly piqued interest in travelling to Newfoundland, but the constant cancelling and rescheduling of flights has meant that those that travel are completely full. There wasn’t a spare seat or a free overhead luggage compartment.
Other than the momentary delay getting off the Ottawa flight, and probably 20-30 minute delay late

 leaving Toronto as the gate crew boarded the full plane, we had no issues. It was a wonderful surprise.  And gave us time for a coffee and a lunch at Pearson.
Of course, it was wonderful to breathe the clean Newfoundland air again. If you haven’t been yet, you really should go. I’m taking a group to my home province next month. And another group in May.
Concerning Pearson, though, here’s a recent travel press article
The Greater Toronto Airports Authority is on a mission to get Toronto’s Pearson Airport back to its award-winning ways.

President and CEO Deborah Flint said this morning that the GTAA wants to “restore predictability and reliability to the air travel experience.”

“We know that travel has not been easy to passengers,” said Flint. “The stories of the missed events, the cancelled flights, we’ve heard all of it. Every single experience matters to me.”

The article goes on to note:

We will be persistent and dedicated to get through this transitory time.”

As Flint notes, Pearson was one of the most shut-down airports in the world during the pandemic. “Our pause was longer, and our ramp up to summer travel was much steeper than other airports,” she said. “We didn’t go from zero to 100, we went from zero to 500.”

The delays at Canada’s largest airports, notably Pearson, have been making headlines and frustrating passengers for months. They’ve been frustrating for the GTAA team too, says Flint, who noted that for five years, including two under Flint’s leadership, Pearson was the best large airport in North America.


So – fingers crossed!

But – if you’re going through Toronto security for your first flight, please still go 4 hours early. And stay tuned for those line wait time posts – that will be really helpful when that starts.

Travel safely – and – travel lushly!

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