Mickey asks – Can You Eat a Kitchen Sink?

My family thought we were up to the challenge. En route to Hollywood Studios, we got off the boat from Epcot, and popped into the Beach Club resort, with eyes on Beaches and Cream.

The “kitchen sink” is actually served in a dish that resembles a kitchen sink. And it comes with 8 scoops of ice cream (different flavours – we know there was chocolate, mint, strawberry, and more) , every topping you could imagine (stawberries, bananas, cherries, big servings of brownies, cut up chocolate bars, pieces of sponge cake, full size oreos, chocolate+strawberry+ peanut butter+ caramel toppings), plus a whole can of whipped cream.

Yes – a whole can!

The message gets underlined when the dish is delivered to you. The lights are dimmed, the waitress announces your delivery to all, saying what’s in it, and everyone in the restaurant answers back “not a whole can!”

We started off with great anticipation…. sure we could do the deed and eat the whole thing.

But, despite giving it a valiant effort, we didn’t come close to finishing all.  Apparently, they just had a food eating contest, and one guy finished the whole thing himself in 9 minutes – and then polished off a cheeseburger. 

Guess we’re not cut out for food eating contests!  How about you?