Time is not refundable – Take Time for Disney Memories – Vlog

Previously as a consulting actuary, I helped clients maximize their return on investments, and ensure their families were prepared for the rough bumps of life.

Now, as a Virtuoso Travel Advisor, I help families maximize their RETURN ON LIFE while building notable memories based on a memorable lifestyle.

Time is not refundable, and your leisure time is the most precious and perishable asset you have.

I am your “HAPPINESS ACTUARY,” and can help you maximize your fragile leisure time asset.

Take Time for Disney Memories.

Watch this video my daughter made of our recent visit.

Contact me to help your family build notable experiences at Disney. I’ve been 23 times, and I’ve planned 100s of vacations for families to Disney over the years. I can help your family!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran

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