Unique Holidays You Might Not Have Considered…

I have clients taking bigger trips now, after 2+ years of not travelling. And some are asking for new or different ideas that they hadn’t considered previously.

And while that usually involves a detailed conversation with the clients, finding out where they’ve been before, what they’ve liked, who they are travelling with, etc. etc., I am often able to provide some new ideas that they might not have considered previously.

Maybe it’s an ancestry river cruise in Europe, maybe it’s a polar plunge with a trip to Antarctica, maybe it’s a wellness trip to the Maldives, or sleeping under the stars in the Atacama desert in Chile?

Or head to Rwanda to see the gorillas?

Maybe spend some time in Australia in front of the rock?

Head to Rio for Carnival maybe?

Ancestry River cruise https://lushlife.ca/ancestry-on-a-european-river-cruise/

Polar Plunge https://lushlife.ca/polar-plunge/

Maldives https://www.virtuoso.com/advisor/sheilagallanthalloran/virtuosoexclusivepromotions/16441753/joali-maldives-fall-offer#

Chile https://www.virtuoso.com/advisor/sheilagallanthalloran/tours/16388067/chile-from-the-andes-to-the-atacama-desert#.Y3EhW3bMKUk

Papua New Guinea https://www.virtuoso.com/advisor/sheilagallanthalloran/cruises/sailings/16232461/south-pacific-voyage-komodo-papua-and-great-barrier-reef-21nov2022-07dec2022#.Y3EiNXbMKUk

Rwanda https://www.virtuoso.com/advisor/sheilagallanthalloran/tours/15957295/adventure-in-rwanda?search=rwanda&mode=Gts

Australia https://www.virtuoso.com/advisor/sheilagallanthalloran/hotels/6164116/longitude-131?search=field%20of%20lights%20australia&mode=Gts#.Y3Eiz3bMKUk

Carnival in Rio https://www.virtuoso.com/advisor/sheilagallanthalloran/cruises/sailings/16133998/carnival-in-rio-10feb2023-25feb2023#.Y3EjH3bMKUk

Let me know where you’d like to go!

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