Why River Cruising – Part 2

Today marks Day 13 #WhyRiverCruising (which I’ll be posting later today), and I’ll be posting something new every day. #WhyRiverCruising

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Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what clients of Lush Life Travel have to say about their unforgettable river cruise experiences, and working with me.

Day 6 of 30 #WhyRiverCruising

#VerifiedClientTestimonials Virtuoso Travel

Ama Cello
“Sheila was amazing! Very informative extremely approachable, always responding to questions quickly. She. Are sure as first time cruise ship customers that we new exactly what to expect. We were also very comfortable with Shiela, definitely will contact her again.” Kindest regards K & S

Very Helpful!
“Sheila did an excellent job arranging a river cruise for my mother and myself. She kept in touch regularly and answered all questions. I would highly recommend her services.” Carol

I Found My Travel Consultant – woohoo!
“Awesome, very helpful, communication was perfect between all parties involved in the planning of this trip – I will definitely be contacting Sheila again to book our next trip – we want to do another river cruise in the future – Thank you Sheila 🤗” Lucy



Curious about river cruising?

Drop your questions below, and we’ll answer them all.

Let’s start planning your dream vacation.

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How relaxing is it to be on a river cruise? Check out Sheila sailing through the Austrian countryside after a wonderful day of excursions in Salzburg.

Day 8 of 30 #WhyRiverCruising.

If you’d like to experience the same, don’t hesitate to contact #AskSheila at [email protected].

As a Virtuoso Travel #CruiseIcon and #TravelAuthority, she’s your go-to #TravelAdvisor for luxury travel. #Austria g#Salzburg #LushLifeTravel

Every sunset is an opportunity to reflect on the day’s adventures and anticipate tomorrow’s discoveries.

Join us on a river cruise, as we chase the horizon on a river cruise journey, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Day 9 of 30. #WhyRiverCruising



Prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey like no other!

The talented chefs and kitchen staff onboard river cruises craft mouthwatering dishes from the fresher local ingredients.

Embark on a culinary journey like no other.

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The dedicated crew onboard river cruise ships are there to ensure every moment of your river cruise is nothing short of perfections.

Sit back, relax, and let them take care of you.

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From graceful swans to toothy barracuda, from exotic birds like Hoatzin to creepy crawlers, nature’s wonders are just a glance away on a river cruise adventure.

You can river cruise in Europe or in the Peruvian Amazon – and beyond!

Which wildlife sighting would make your day?

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