Why Wouldn’t You Do it Yourself

If we’ve worked together on a trip before, you hopefully know the value of working with me.
The biggest question I address with prospective clients to working with a travel advisor is: “Why Wouldn’t I Do It Myself?”

Most people are motivated by the fact that they want to have the trip they truly want.

They tend to focus on all the details of decisions – the time and effort to decide how to travel, when to travel, where to stay, and want activities.
They don’t tend to focus on the decision-making process.
That’s where I come in.
I know all the pieces – and can help you plan the whole experience of it. I can anticipate what might be going on. I can think of possibilities, and identify options for you. And I can help you decide between the options in an informed way. And once the decisions are made, I monitor how each decision impact later decisions, and how effective they will be and how well that is working for you.
Most people agree that it is easer to BORROW EXPERTISE than to BUILD IT YOURSELF.
So, the solution to you having the trip you truly want is to partner with an expert in the decision-making process of travel.
I have the connections and expertise that you do not, and cannot easily build.
I can deliver not only the desired trip you wish, but add some wonderful extras like new experiences, and help you make your decision-making easier.
If you partner with an expert in travel, that let’s you be the expert on your trip.