A Day on the Bay (of Islands)

The Bay of Islands on the west coast of Newfoundland is home to me, and it is beautiful to return home.

I was lucky enough to have grown up here, and have spent many a day on the bay on my Dad’s boat.

Unfortunately, my Dad has passed away,


fortunately for my children, my brother Don has become a yachtsman. 

My kids can still venture out on the water when we travel home to Corner Brook.

And they love being on the ocean.

Salt water is in their blood.

Here we are starting out, looking back at Curling, and just chillin’ on the bay…


The magnificent “Blow-me-down” mountains

Sailors and fishermen alike just love the bay. (Captain James Cook did too in the 1700s. See my earlier blogs for details on his charting work. He named this Bay of Islands before he ventured further south to New Zealand.)

Woods Island – east end – where my Dad’s family grew up

Weebald, as it is known locally (or Guernsey’s Island)

Woods Island – harbour

Jigging for a fish – the recreational season is now open

Frenchman’s Head and Woods Island

A day on the bay does wonders for the soul!