After 19 Visits, Chef Mickey's at WDW Never Disappoints

Yes, you read right – 19 times. We’re a little fanatical about Disney, especially Walt Disney World in Orlando. We love carving out special family time, and just enjoying each other’s company – and for my family of 4, a visit to WDW just brings on the laughter and fun. And each visit, we have to visit Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Hotel.

After 19 visits, any restaurant is bound to feel a little tired.  But somehow, we never feel that way about Chef Mickey’s. It’s a family tradition to have a photo taken at the restaurant for each visit, and it’s fun to look at the photos hung on my office wall to see how the kids change from one visit to the next. (Course, mom and dad never change. ahem!)

It’s always fun to buy the autograph books and pens, and have a little visit with the Disney gang too.  And we love the singing of the “Celebrate” song, waving the napkins, and the dance. Happiness is…

The food is buffet fare – and breakfast includes everything from Mickey waffles to breakfast pizza to every other hot and cold food you might imagine for an early morning feast.  Chef Mickey’s serves supper as well (and sometimes lunch) – but having tried the supper hour on one of the earlier visits, we now usually restrict our restaurant visits to Chef Mickey’s to the morning time. We find it’s a great way to start the day … and we’ve also noticed other diners are usually much better tempered and less tired in the am. (Might have something to do with kiddies not yet having gone the heat and buzz of the day, and moms and dads not yet having their first cocktail. The noise level at supper is considerably different, and it is not a fast “in and out” proposition like it is at brekky.)

 We love visiting Chef Mickey’s – it’s like going home!