Air Issues Continue

The issues with air are continuing. Ugh. After 2+ brutal years in the travel industry, I’m keen for things to settle down.  (And wouldn’t it be nice if prices weren’t 3x what we might have normally expected too?)
But the 2+ years of the travel industry being brutalized with little to no revenue also had planes sitting idle while incurring huge maintenance costs, and pilots retiring (by choice or by encouragement). Of course, that staffing impact of retirement or termination or furlough moved through every segment of the travel and hospitality sector – maintenance crews, baggage handlers, gate and reservation agents, hotel staff, cruise staff, etc. It’s been a bumpy ride. We knew climbing back out of the subterranean world to get the skies again had to bring a lot of turbulence. But – maybe not as much turbulence we’re currently seeing.
The travel world also got hit with skyrocketing demand, limited resources, and staffing shortages – along with continually changing government rules and regulations, morphing exit and entry requirements, a devastating war in Ukraine, increasing fuel costs, inflation, climate events and a heat wave. Monkeypox, please – take a number.
Remember, if you’re travelling this summer, please pack your patience – and please just take a carry on.
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