Amazing Virtuoso Offers

Last weekend, I was in Toronto to attend the Virtuoso VIP Client Event (by invitation only) that allowed the top 25 Virtuoso travel advisors in Ontario to invite 4 clients. The idea being that the top 100 travelers in Toronto would get feted, and be able to learn about top Virtuoso suppliers so they could gather bucket list travel ideas.

It was a wonderful gathering.But more important to me is that I can now extend those offers (and a very special Uniworld offer – see below) to all of my clients, not just the ones who could attend in person. Because I made the effort to support Virtuoso and my travel partners, and was in a select number of advisor invitees, Virtuoso is allowing me to extend the event offers.
There were 15 Virtuoso travel partners offering tremendous perks for the clients who attended. My 8 clients got to tour the ‘trade show’ set up; and then sit in on some 10 minute presentations with top Virtuoso partners.

Here is the list of travel supplier partners who’d attended :
1.  Uniworld Boutique River Cruises,
2.  AMA Waterways,
3.  Avalon Waterways,
4.  Regent Seven Seas Cruises,
5.  Oceania Cruises,
6.  Azamara Club Cruises,
7.  Windstar Cruises,
8.  Quark Expeditions,
9.  African Travel,
10. Insight Luxury Gold Tours,
11. American Queen River Cruises,
12. Celebrity Expedition cruises,
13. Rocky Mountaineer,
14. Barbados Tourism, and
15. Maybourne Hotels.

I can share these offers with you in my newsletter,  as it is a closed list, but I cannot share on social media or advertise these offers.
So, please read the info below.

These offers are only valid for bookings made directly with Sheila of Lush Life/ Vision Travel. Expiry dates are noted, but in most cases they are valid until the end of October 2019. Terms and conditions apply. Suppliers can withdraw / change offers without notice.
Kindly click this link to see the offers.
Amazing Virtuoso Offers ⇒⇒⇒
And please let me know if you’re interested in taking advantage of any of them.