Book a Crystal Cruise before Mar.31.12, and Donate $200 to DIFD

As a mother of two young daughters, the “Do It For Daron,” or D.I.F.D., program is very close to my heart.  

Most Ottawans, indeed most Canadians, are familiar with the D.I.F.D. program at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. As outlined on the website, the D.I.F.D. program was created by friends and family of Daron Richardson who lost her life to suicide at the young age of 14. February has been designated “Power to the Purple” month to raise awareness, and inspire conversations about youth mental health.

Like most Ottawans, I wear purple. But I wanted to do more to show my support…

For every Crystal Cruise booked with me from February 7-March 31, 2012, I will personally donate $100 to the D.I.F.D. program. My partners at Crystal Cruise have agreed to match my donation. That means that each Crystal Cruise booking will result in a $200 donation to D.I.F.D. 

I am also proudly listed as a supporter of D.I.F.D. on their official website. Please see .

Whether you know the cruise for you, or you want to learn more about The Crystal Difference, please give me a call. 

And, please – help spread the word to your family and friends. I would be happy to work with Crystal Cruises, and you, to help raise money for D.I.F.D.  (And I’m sure the folks at would challenge you to help raise money for D.I.F.D. in your own way, as well.  Please accept the challenge.)

Power to the Purple!

If you want to understand the import of raising awareness for youth mental health programming, please watch this video put together by .