Expedition Cruising

Expedition Cruising

Do you know all the different kinds of cruising there are?

The main categories are Ocean, River, and Expedition.

Of course, there are subcategories too within those 3 main categories – and lots of ways to differentiate which cruise type, style, and itinerary is right for you. There are many differentiating factors – such as level of comfort, size, number of passengers onboard, etc etc. There are so many ways to cruise the world.

You’ll recall that I am a Virtuoso travel advisor – so I am an invited member of the top 1% of travel advisors around the world, and am a member of this “best of the best” travel network. As such, I have built and continue to grow specialized relationships with travel partners around the world.

I am a member of the Virtuoso Voyages Advisor Community (as well as Virtuoso Adventure Community), so that means I register each year to take on specialized training with my partners, and I attend Virtuoso road show in Las Vegas and Toronto each year.

I’m always thrilled to see the growth in offerings, and breadth of expeditions, that emerge in the Expedition Cruising world. It’s incredible to see how companies like Lindblad Expeditions, Quark Expeditions, Aqua Expeditions, Australis, Silversea Expeditions, Ponant, Adventure Canada, and so many others. It’s my job to stay current with developments, and what I do for my clients is to make sure that I am working with you to understand what is the right holiday for you right now. It’s figuring out the best way for you to travel.

Expedition Cruising is going to get you closer to nature. And if you select the right company, it’s going to be more about the wildlife count rather than the sheet thread count. It doesn’t mean there are not creature comforts – there’ll certainly be good and local food, and comfortable surroundings. But, the emphasis will be more on getting you to places that the big ocean ships cannot get to – often because there are no wharves. You have to get into a zodiac to get to the shore. But it also means that you’re visiting unspoiled destinations.

One of my travel partners refers to it as you should want to “go to places where you can’t buy a t-shirt” – and I really like that. If you’re in the Peruvian Amazon or traipsing through the Galapagos, odds are there are no tshirt stands waiting for you ashore!

You’re not going to be with 6,000+ people on an expedition cruise, as you might be on a large ocean cruise. Most times, you’re going to be with about 100-200 people. You’re not going to be with people who want to put on a tux or long gown to go to dinner on an expedition cruise, as you might on a large ocean cruise. People dress pretty casually because they are going to be going birding or doing nature walks – and that is the whole point of the cruise.  You’re not going to be with people looking for the latest Broadway show remake on an expedition cruise, or those that are looking to gamble in a casino onboard – because while expedition cruises are comfortable, they are more about what happens off the ship than on.

You will be with people who love nature and people onboard an expedition cruise. You will be with people who have an interest in science – and there will be naturalists and historians and biologists onboard sharing their expertise and helping you learn more about the destination you’re visiting.

Here’s a great article about what to Expect on an Expedition Cruise https://www.frommers.com/slideshows/848380-what-to-expect-on-an-expedition-cruise

And here are a couple of videos from my sailing with Lindblad Expeditions.


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