I'm Now a Certified Adventure Travel Specialist (CATS)

Yeah, that’s right – I can book you to go see the MOUSE (aka Mickey, at Disney), or I can send you to see the CATS!  

I just finished training as a Certified Adventure Travel Specialist (CATS) with the Adventure Center (formerly know as Trek Holidays).  So – I can book any trip your heart desires – from a walking trip to non-walkers, to an extreme fitness holiday for near-professional athletes.

But don’t let the word “adventure” scare you.  The Adventure Center has 3000 trips that travel to 150 countries.  Less than 10% of their offerings are camping like you might think of regular camping, or demand high levels of fitness. The vast majority of their trips aren’t meant for people of all shapes and sizes. The emphasis is on “soft adventure” – and travelling with small groups.  The groups are 10-12 people in size, and they focus on responsible tourism – staying in small local properties, and hiring local guides.  Adventure Center / Trek acts as a consolidator of the best adventure tours and companies, representing companies in 12 countries.

For those non-walkers that want a walking tour, the Adventure Center / Trek pairs up with a compny called Country Walkers. http://www.countrywalkers.com/ 

For family adventure trips, there are splits for those with kids in the 5-12 age group, with teen departures for those above 13 (and there are some young family trips too).  The Adventure Company http://www.adventurecompany.co.uk/ and Exodus http://www.exodus.co.uk/ are two companies that Adventure Center/ Trek works with.

Need an idea? Give me a call. I can send you the top 5 family trips, the top 5 culinary adventure trips, the top 5 bicycling trips, the top volcano trips, the top 5 safari trips, and many other options.

I’ll help you get to your wild side!