Mexico – Cinco de Mayo

It’s Cinco De Mayo, and everyone wants to be Mexican, and enjoy Mexican food and drink.

But Cinco De Mayo is not Mexican independence day. That’s on September 16th. On May 5th, we mark the Battle of Puebla in 1862. An event that  happened 50 years after Mexico won it’s independence. And it has a lot to do with the French invasion, and American support to kick out the French. Funnily enough, the holiday is celebrated more widely in the US than in Mexico.


So, with that history lesson behind us, of course, let’s plan to eat and drink some Mexican food – which I love all times of the year, but especially enjoy today.

What’s your favourite margarita recipe. Here’s a good one

And here’s a great Pico de Galo recipe

Here are some pictures from my recent visits.

Here are some neat travel ideas

Silversea cruise

Lindblad Expeditions cruise



I have some favourite all inclusive spots that I send clients, for those who prefer that kind of holiday (like Finest Playa Mujeres, Secrets Maroma, and Hotel Xcaret).

And I work with partners that we can arrange villa rentals, and so much more.

Yes, there are safety concerns, and you have to exercise caution. Canada still sends over 1.9 million tourists a year, and the vast majority have no issues. I’ve visited Mexico twice in the last 3 years, while I send e-travel advisories, and give folks the normal precautions, I still travel there myself and send oodles of clients each year.  It’s a beautiful country, and offers so much to see and do.

Here are some things to think about



But I also encourage clients to consider other countries, and their e-travel advisories, to help put the concerns into perspective


Sri Lanka




Let me know if you’d like to go!