My hubby, the movie star: Hollywood Studio's Backlot Tour

When you visit Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, Orlando; you should do the Studio Backlot Tour.

We always enjoy the 35 minute tour that is a combo of a tram ride and a walking tour.  You get to walk through prop storage areas from recent Disney movies (Prince of Persia stuff was all over the place), see lots of photos from past Disney movies, and experience some fun stunts.

There is also an audience participation portion of the tour. This recent trip, my hubby was recruited from the audience to participate in the movie-making demonstration.

Bill was cast in the role of the comedy relief/ deckhand in a very light re-enactment of an air bombing of Pearl Harbour. There were 3 audience members selected.  Another man was cast as the captain of the ship, and a third as a hapless soul that just sits in a confined space and gets doused with water.

The idea was to showcase how special effects are employed in movie making, and how bits and pieces are cut together to make a seamless show.  Disney shows how things are filmed out of sequence, how things are blended with special effects, and how it is all strung together for the final product.  Pretty effective use of 10 minutes.

Bill was the star of the show… he jumped in to the silly antics with abandon. Our girls were in stitches watching him mop the deck, and react to the incoming attack.

 Of course, anyone on deck when water attacks come in gets soaked! (No one at Disney set actually gets shot or dies!)

But if you’re asked to don a blue rain suit, you have to expect to get a little wet!

All in all, it was a blast of water, and of fun!  Bill was a great sport!