Our Africa

I’ve had a week totally focused on Africa.

All week, I attended a virtual trade show with OurAfrica. Travel, in partnership with ATTA.

It was a productive, fun and interactive show over the week, that had me arising early (often 5 am, to account for the 7 hour time change so I could get some meetings in), and working late in the evening. I was exhausted, but so  happy to be a part of the OurAfrica.Travel community.  It was a great show. Here’s a little sample of what the organizers put together https://youtu.be/-rqMkaZ0LBw .

I met with hand-picked experts from South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Morocco, Indian Ocean islands, and more.

What an inspiring week to be talking in real time to my partners in Africa. Sure, we had to deal with some lode-shedding issues in South Africa (abruptly scheduled power outages), and some troublesome internet quirks in some bush camps, but it was a wonderful show.

I am full of energy, have strengthened existing  relationships, and made new friends. And I have some great new ideas for travelling around South Africa and East Africa especially.

It’s difficult to boil down 5 days of 15 minute meetings in a blog. Here’s a sample:

  • I met with friends in Madagascar, telling me about their walking safaris, bird watching, and beach time.
  • I met with suppliers in Morocco who shared with me about their tents in the middle of nowhere, who specialize in desert experiences.
  • I learned about whitewater rafting, fishing experiences and helicopter flights in Zambia.
  • I learned about sustainable tourism in Ethiopia, and culinary experiences as well as social responsibility.
  • I watched videos and did virtual tours of lodges in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and more – everything from rustic with bucket showers to semi-permanent camps with ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, and more. Family camps – sure, no problem. Rustic, I got you. Luxury, I got that too.
  • I really enjoyed a virtual experience of sleeping under the starts in Namibia, and doing a sky balloon safari.
  • I watched sundowners in the twilight and had virtual cocktails with boats in Botswana.
  • I learned about mobile safaris, rhino safaris in Botswana, and lion camps in Zambia, and wine areas in South Africa.
  • And I visited with private game reserves, and conservancies – getting a peek into the sustainability initiatives with destination management companies and camps, lodges, and boutique hotels.
  • Want to consider visiting the gorillas, but not sure whether Rwanda or Uganda is right for you – I can help (and get my partners on zoom to chat with you).
  • Want to stay in a beach hotel in Cape Town that has access to the water right from your room – I got you.
  • Want to learn about buffalo, white rhino, elephants, zebras, wilderbeest, lions, black rhino, wild dogs, and more – no problem.
  • Want to do a horse safari? Or stay in a bush camp, or a tented camp in Sabi Sand, or a brick wall hybrid? I have partners to help.
  • How about doing a marine big 5, and visit the African penguins? Got you.
  • Maybe you want to fly in a balloon over the Serengeti, hike the summits of Virunga Volcano in Rwanda, or visit the largest private game reserve in South Africa?
  • Or sleep next to a rock cave under the stars?

Whatever you’d like to do in Africa, I have the partners on the ground in Africa to help me build the perfect trip for you.

Let me know if you’d like to go.

[email protected]