Perfect trip – thank you Sheila – Client Testimonial

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I love getting testimonials from clients.  Here’s a recent one that I really value from a client and friend who knows both sides of the travel business. (Thank you, Eileen, for the trust!)
Perfect trip – thank you Sheila
By: J Bailey (Joshua Bailey)
Reviewed on: 27 Mar 2016
After a great consultation session Sheila helped my family with a trip that will be hard to top. There were three generations travelling, eight in all, and our time at Half Moon was ideal. The villa we stayed in was ideal, everyone had privacy but we also had a dining room and living room to enjoy time together but most of time was spent together at our private pool. As I was planning the trip myself, I found Sheila’s attention to detail and promptness indispensable. There were some passport questions hanging over the trip and Sheila checked in to be sure that had been sorted before we departed; it was thanks to the passport office. The entire process was pleasant and I found every interaction to be productive and professional. It was a pleasure working with Sheila.
Travel end date: 20 Mar 2016