Preferred Hotel Programs – Can You VIP Me?

Travel advisors, like me, often have access to a range of exclusive perks and amenities when booking luxury hotels. Here are some special perks I may be able to provide when you book your hotel stay through me:

Room Upgrades: I often have relationships with hotel management (particularly luxury hotels), allowing me to secure room upgrades at the time of booking, ensuring a better view, larger room, or added amenities.

Complimentary Breakfast or Credits: I can negotiate special perks like complimentary breakfast, spa credits, dining credits, or other perks that enhance the overall stay.

Early Check-In and Late Check-Out: Through my connections, I may be able to negotiate early check-in or late check-out times, providing more flexibility with your schedule.

Special Amenities: I may be able to arrange for special amenities in the room upon arrival, such as welcome gifts, champagne, or personalized touches to make the stay more memorable.

Priority Access and VIP Treatment: I can secure priority access to facilities like spas, restaurants, or events within the hotel, ensuring a more exclusive and VIP-like experience.

Customized Experiences: I can arrange unique experiences tailored to your interests, such as private tours, exclusive excursions, or special events within the hotel premises.

Concierge Services: I can often offer personalized concierge services, ensuring your preferences are noted and catered to throughout your stay, from restaurant reservations to special requests.

Flexible Booking and Cancellation Policies: I may be able to negotiate more flexible booking terms or cancellation policies, providing peace of mind in case plans change unexpectedly.

These perks often go beyond what is available through standard booking channels, adding significant value to the overall luxury hotel experience.

I am a Virtuoso luxury advisor, Four Seasons preferred partner, and member of preferred hotel programs like Belmond Bellini, Rosewood Elite, Accor Luxury Step and Fairmont Famous Agent, Leading Hotels, etc., etc.

I rarely book hotel only reservations for clients (I specialize in river and expedition cruises, customized trips to Australia and Africa), I have ways to leverage my relationships to benefit my clients. Hotel only bookings are subject to my normal professional fees.

See some additional detail on these preferred HOTEL PROGRAMS

A&K 100 Club , Accor Step & Fairmont , Belmond Bellini Club Program ; Couture by Langham; Dorchester Diamond Club; Four Seasons Preferred, Hilton Impresario; Hyatt Privé Program; IHG Hotel Program ; Jumeirah’s Passport to Luxury , Kempinski Club 1897; Luminous Hotel Program ,

Mandarin Oriental Fan Club; Marriott Stars & Luminous , Pearl Partner Oetker; Peninsula Fan Club , Preferred Hotel Program ; Rocco Forte Knights Program ; Rosewood Elite ; Small Luxury Hotels

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Note: There is a stop gap measure if you are planning a last minute trip, and you only need a hotel stay. If you do not require my assistance, or VIP’ing, or add ons like transfers, concierge service, etc., you can self-book luxury properties on my Virtuoso website. You can now browse and book hotels online your convenience. (If you self-book hotels, I will waive normal booking and management fees. But if you need additional assistance after the booking, VIP’ing, transfers, concierge assistance, etc., and/or the hotel stay is part of a larger holiday, normal professional fees will apply.)

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