Wave Season is Here

Recovery from the past brutal 3 years in the travel industry remains strong. Actually, “off the charts” is closer to it.

Travel supplier partners are swamped. Pilots, flight attendants, ground crews are swamped. And travel advisors are completely swamped.

Travel advisors like me are hiring assistants and staff to manage the demand, and while everyone wants to ‘make hay while the sun shines,’  even with the extra assistance, and improving systems and processes, we’re still having to focus in on the sort of business we love and can offer the most value to our cherished clients. It’s why I’ve been moving more and more to focus on small ship cruises (ocean, river, and expedition cruises), as well as customized trips and private travel to Australia and Africa.

(Of course, I may still be able to help my beloved clients with other trips – let’s chat about your needs and interests. But if I am not in a position to help with a particular trip, I’ll refer you to a colleague better able to assist.)

The main thing is that everyone wants to travel. I’m sure you’re no different. If you haven’t travelled in the last 6 months or so, you’re probably itching to go somewhere. The best way to beat the January blues is to plan a trip.

And January is “wave” season in the travel industry. It’s the busiest booking month in the entire year. Clients are both booking and traveling.

As this article notes https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/what-is-wave-season-why-you-should-book-your-next-cruise-now “It’s the most wonderful time of the year for cruise lovers – and I don’t mean the holidays.

Wave season, when cruise lines run their best deals, is upon us again. The period typically stretches from January through March, but some brands have already released their offers, giving travelers a chance to get a jump on their cruise plans.” and… ” cruise lines aim to use wave season to “fill up the upcoming year” with bookings, particularly coming off of the holidays.”

The new year (and sometimes starting over the Christmas holidays) is when cruise lines definitely want to get bookings in place for the coming year. You’ll definitely see offers you won’t see in other times of the year. Generally speaking, the new offers are for new bookings only.  And they are often wonderfully rich offers for cruisers, with tremendous value.

And that’s where I come in. I track the offers, and certainly keep abreast of all the best offers – particularly for small ship ocean, river, and expedition cruises.

So, if a cruise holiday is in your plans, scroll down to see some offers I have in the preferred partner section, and email me to schedule a consultation.

January is the time to catch a wave!

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