Seabourn Spirit – Fine Small Ship Cruising!

1966823_652176524872044_628973591_n (1)In December, I was fortunate enough to act as a Virtuoso Voyager Club host onboard the Seabourn Spirit.  What a great experience!  200 passengers onboard a sailing from Barbados to St. Martin. So small that the guitar player at night took tender tickets in the morning!

1524460_625896017500095_670391450_o (1)1798774_10201457759036327_995390492_n (1)So small that when we throw a cocktail party for Virtuoso Voyager Club guests, the captain, and all his crew, come! (That’s me with the captain, and my co-host for the cruise, my colleague Ms. Alex Yates.)
And so small and intimate, that you are pampered from the minute you walk onboard.  There is nothing like getting champagne while you’re waiting to get your photo taken for your shipboard id.  And – there’s a bottle of champagne waiting for you in your cabin as well, to welcome you onboard!
So small, that the ship can get into the smaller islands that the bigger ships cannot touch – like Anguilla!  Look at that sand!  We anchored off Road Bay, and took a smaller boat to shore. So I got to spend the day at Cuisinart!
1622252_652525274837169_957773218_n (1)So small, that the executive chef himself serves the champagne and caviar in the water at the Seabourn “beach day bbq” that takes place on every Seabourn cruise.
But – large enough to give you a wonderful cruise experience, with awesome food, and wonderful attentive staff. Seabourn is phasing out their 200 passenger ships over the next couple of years (they’re being bought by Windstar), but they’ll continue to have their 400 passenger ships working for you – with the same great style and service, but being able to offer just a few more amenities onboard and entertainment options.
Let me know if I can get you onboard to try one of their smaller ships while they’re still under the Seabourn banner, or even try one of their slightly larger ships!11560_632555726834124_2048816428_n