Tahiti Bound

One of the terrific perks and rewards for me being named a Virtuoso Cruise Icon last month is that I’ve been invited to travel to Tahiti with other Virtuoso Cruise Icons in June.


Did you catch me on “Ottawa Business Matters?” See the interview here.


I was invited on the Rogers TV show because I’d just won a Virtuoso Cruise Icon award as well. Here are some travel trade articles about my recognition last week or so.

I love sharing my passion for river and expedition cruising, as I’d talked about in the interview.


But I also love small ship cruises. I don’t tend to love the 6500 passenger, “travelling city” larger ships (although some of my clients do – and like to have the whole experience planned around the ship as the destination).


I personally love the smaller ship experience – which is why river and expedition cruising appeals to me. But also the smaller ship ocean cruises.

image from Windstar Cruises

So, I’m thrilled that part of my recognition as a Virtuoso Cruise Icon is a trip to Tahiti with Windstar. I love the South Pacific area too, and am an Aussie Specialist and New Zealand specialist travel advisor, so to expand my repertoire and in-depth personal knowledge to go to Tahiti now is awesome.

itinerary map from Windstar Cruises

The Virtuoso Cruise Icon Program recognizes me as an Advisor who represents the top 1% of cruise sellers within the Global Luxury Travel Network. As the Virtuoso Cruise Icon Program extends its reach to top sellers worldwide, it not only solidifies its standing as a leader in luxury travel but also establishes a global community of top-performing cruise advisors. The Cruise Icon Program reinforces Virtuoso’s commitment to excellence on a global scale, and I am thrilled to be part of this esteemed group of advisors.


I thank you, as my client, for your trust in working with me on your bucket list trips and cruises. This initiative is now open to advisors from all regions served by Virtuoso. And, I’ll happily take on the work to go and research Tahiti for your future vacation there!

I’m sure you likely have an interest in Tahiti already. My partners at Paul Gauguin like to promote “Take Your Sweetie to Tahiti” for Valentines promos every year, and that’s a clever hook. Tahiti is certainly a great romantic destination – but – it’s also a wonderful active and adventure holiday destination.  And I’ll be doing a mother-daughter trip with my youngest daughter, Ceili to celebrate her graduation from high school. Sounds like a great way to celebrate, no? (Don’t feel badly for my husband and eldest daughter – I will also have travel plans with them this year. We just can’t always go all together, given school and work requirements.)


I’m excited that I’m going to be travelling on the Star Breeze this June.  https://www.windstarcruises.com/ships/star-breeze/


The trip is a 7 night round trip out of Papeete. We’ll be on this graceful yacht, which will be the perfect way to experience the true wonder of Tahiti. We’ll let the trade winds take us to visit one legendary island after another, with plenty of casual time to swim and snorkel in crystal-clear lagoons, meander through lush rainforests, and experience the fascinating Polynesian culture from tikis to tiare flowers.


We’ll relax on sunny beaches, sample Tahitian fare, and take in the effervescent spirit of the city. But whatever we do, we’ll be saving time — and luggage space — for shopping. Black pearls and colorful crafts fill the market and local treasures are so plentiful we’ll have trouble making our choices but we won’t be bothered with large crowds and big tour groups because French Tahiti is only accessible to small ships like ours.

We’ll also be welcomed to paradise in Moorea, where our stunning surroundings soak up superlatives and call for more. In our stay here we’ll have plenty of time to do it all. And maybe we’ll consider the opportunity to hone our photography talents on an optional tour of the island in the company of a professional photographer. Our choices here are endless. Hike the majestic Three Coconut Trail. We’ll visit dolphins in their native habitat. Or spend our time swimming and kayaking from Wind Spirit’s Watersports Platform as we lay at anchor in these beautiful sapphire seas.

And we’ll also head to Raiatea, “The Sacred Island,” which is located just across the lagoon from Tahaa and shares the same barrier reef. (Legend claims the two were a single island until a conger eel possessed by the spirit of a princess separated them.) It used to be the center of religion and culture in the Society Islands.

Did I forget to mention Bora Bora? Our stay here allows plenty of time to capture the beauty in photographs — and we’ll want plenty. These stunning waters will show a different kaleidoscope of blue in each frame. You’ll have lots of options for exploration, whether we prefer the access provided by a 4-by-4, or the thrill of riding in the open air. Stretch out on stunning white-sand beaches, dive and swim in brightly colored seas, or sail among the tiny islands and lagoons. But the highlight here will be the Windstar Exclusive Destination Discovery Event on a private motu complete with fire dancers. This is the stuff that dreams are made of and available to small ships.


Have I piqued your wanderlust?


Let me know if you’d like me to check if there is any room left for others to join us onboard. It’s going to be an amazing week!

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