Travel Etiquette

Travel Etiquette has been getting more attention these days.


Now that may be prompted by the extreme cases of passenger rage we’re seeing in the air, or it may be just a reminder to consider your fellow passengers, but either way, it’s still a little bonkers out there at times.





There’s quite a range of behaviours. Here’s another.


“OH! MY!”
What would you do?
Travel etiquette and Travel Professionalism.
There are certain rules of conduct.
This is quite funny though.
Watch what happened to this guy sticking bare feet on the seat top.

Please, please – don’t take off your shoes on a plane!


Watch Afar Media’s instagram post with a Cillian Murphy meme about watching the person next to you on the plane take their shoes off.

See article here about why experts say you should never take your shoes off on a plane.



So, asides from the “ick” factor, just be kind to others. Nobody wants to be on a plane with a passenger not behaving themselves – so it’s incumbent on all of us to be on our best possible manners when we fly.


My partners at G Adventures recently did an instagam post about Travel Etiquette. See


Here are their rules of etiquette, which I wholeheartedly endorse:

G’s Travel Etiquette Rule 1:

The middle seat retains the rights to both middle arm rests. The window seat is to lean towards the window, the aisle seat towards the aisle. No exceptions. No mercy.


Sheila’s note:

This is a hard and fast rule. If you don’t have the godawful middle seat, don’t try to exert your elbows on the middle arm rests – either one. Middle seat “owns” the arm rests! No exceptions. No mercy. If you try to grab the middle seat arm rests, you’re showing your travel inexperience.




G’s Travel Etiquette Rule 2:

Reclining your seat is permitted, except during take off, landing, and meal service. Nobody wants a lap full of overcooked chicken.


Sheila’s note:

I really don’t like anyone reclining their seat at any time, and I don’t recline my seat unless the person in front of me is in my lap with their recline. So, please – don’t recline. Aircraft seats are getting smaller and smaller, and the space for your knees smaller still. If you really need the extra space, pay for the premium economy seats, or get the pods.




G’s Travel Etiquette Rule 3:

Do not reach for overhead luggage as soon as the flight lands. Collect your things, do a little stretch, and proceed once it’s your turn.


Sheila’s note:

You are not going to get off faster. You’re just being inconsiderate of others if you think you getting your luggage is priority one. Stand if you need to. But wait before grabbing stuff from the overhead.


G’s Travel Etiquette Rule 4:

Disembark aircraft in order of rows. Exception – when missed connection announcement is made. And even then, don’t be pushy, mustache guy.


Sheila’s note

When you’re disembarking, follow the zipper approach, with people at the front being the bottom of the zipper. People ahead of you get of first, as each tooth of the zipper has to be fed through for the zipper to work. Follow the zipper! Follow it when you’re driving with merging traffic lines. Follow it when you’re at a theatre or performance with people leaving. Follow it when you’re getting off the aircraft.




G’s Travel Etiquette Rule 5:

We shouldn’t have to say this, but… please, do not cut your toenails at any point during the flight.


Sheila’s note:

Dude, if you have to be told this, you probably shouldn’t be flying.




G’s Travel Etiquette Rule 6:

Be kind and patient. Especially towards flight attendants, seniors, and people travelling with children.


Sheila’s note:

This would also also seem obvious. But if you’re not doing it already, start now.


Share with me – what are your travel etiquette tips and suggestions?

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