Traveling Alone, Together

Traveling Alone, Together – This week, I was interviewed as part of a story by CBC Radio‘s Jason Osler about why solo travelers are traveling in groups.

Jason and I spent over a half an hour, and I wasn’t sure which clips he’d use in his piece, or how he’d frame it (and maybe some of that recording will be used in future pieces); but the main thing for me in being part of this piece was the importance of solo travelers emerging to travel together after the pandemic.

Jason contacted me after reading this New York Times article – Traveling Alone, in Groups. Jason had been following me on twitter and social media, and knew I was working with solo travelers. So, he contacted me after reading that article, wanting to know if I was seeing the trend pick up in Canada.

As I’ve noted in the radio interview, I was seeing solo travelers, especially solo ladies, wanting to travel pre-pandemic. But that trend has only increased now that we emerge from CoVid. Everyone has been home for 18 months, and it’s time to kick the adventure up a notch.

People are traveling alone, together.

There’s safety in numbers in traveling together. Plus, I work with the travelers to either build groups myself or match make them to travel suppliers I work with that are great for solo travelers. The safety in working with vetted travel partners is that I know they have the experience with a destination and an itinerary, and they know how to handle issues if and when they arise. Plus, I use my inside knowledge about how a travel supplier has weathered the CoVid storm, and which partners have emerged through this financially strong. And, of course, I help travelers with all of the complexities that CoVid has brought to travel with entry, transit, testing requirements for countries; and knowing about vaccination requirements, vaccine passports, etc.

Working with me as your travel advisor, I can help you travel alone, together.

There are all kinds of reasons people travel solo – life circumstances have changed and their travel partners can no longer travel (e.g., doesn’t have the same money, time, or responsibilities), or maybe someone is at a point in their life where they don’t have a travel partner to go with them.  Perhaps a traveler has a partner, but just needs time for personal reflection, or wants to learn a new hobby. Or maybe they just want adventure. And sometimes, other ladies just crave female companionship after being at home for 18 months by themselves.

I am putting together groups. I have two groups going to Newfoundland in 2022 and 2023. I am building a group for solo ladies to Southeast Asia in 2023. And I am putting together long-stay to Portugal in 2022, as well as some solo ladies Christmas markets again.

Let me know if you want to be traveling alone, together.