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Lush Life Travel launches a “Wellness on Water” river cruise focussed on women travellers, inviting them to be/ find/ embrace “your grace” on the Uniworld River Duchess ship.

Focus on your own healthy living and self-care.


I invite you to come be “your grace” on the River Duchess. Find “your grace” by surrounding yourself with other duchesses on the Danube River, while leaving your normal work and responsibilities at home. And embrace “your grace” by taking a “wellness on water” break that focuses on you.

Each day of the journey, women can choose to get up, get going and stay fit, both onboard and onshore (with onboard fitness center, wellness classes, “let’s go” excursions, and “travelling lite” dining). Or women can choose to relax on their handcrafted Savoir® bed on their moving boutique hotel room, and visit Budapest, Vienna,

and Prague as they sail along the Danube River.

Whatever they choose, women can have an effortless all–included experience with unlimited premium spirits and wines, five-star farm-to-table cuisine, and carefully curated excursions.

wellness on water