Colombia with Cox and Kings (and Metropolitan Touring)

Last year at Virtuoso Travel week, I won a private escorted trip for two to Colombia with my Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel (VAST) partner, Cox and Kings USA.  I was excited to do this trip, but with a family of 4, it was tough to know who would accompany me. My husband’s work schedule was too tight, and my 8 year old really too young for this kind of adventure, so it was quickly settled that my 14 year old and I would embark on this trip for a special mother-daughter bonding time.
We just arrived in Bogota, Colombia yesterday for a 6 night tour that will take us from Bogota to Medellin to Cartegna.
I am touring Bogota with Cox and Kings’ local partner, Metropolitan Touring of Colombia, and was thrilled to have received the welcome package last night. I was welcomed with, “We Colombians are justifiably proud of our very special country; a fascinating blend of timeless traditions from our indigenous people to the splendid colonial architecture left by the Spanish, complimented by the modern metropolises of Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. All this mixed with a colourful tapestry of many cultures living together harmoniously. We genuinely care about our country, our guests, and each other, and we want to share with you the very best that Colombia has to offer.”
We are excited for the adventure to being today!
Sheila Gallant-Halloran