Ditch the DIY

It’s time to ditch the DIY.

At least in terms of travel.

The time for DIY or do-it-yourself travel is in the past.

That’s if you want to minimize your risk, and reduce as much stress as possible when you travel. You know, so you can actually enjoy the trip you want to take.

If you’ve not been travelling through CoVid, perhaps you’re not fully aware of all the testing requirements, and often changing entry and exit requirements that countries (Canada and everywhere else) can announce at any time. It’s a more complicated world in the world of travel right now, but still wonderful, of course. The amount of work required by a travel advisor is at least 3 times what it was in pre-pandemic times, so I like to make sure everyone (especially any new clients) know what’s involved. This is no time for DIY.

This is how I work, and what I do to help you organize, book, and ensure you enjoy the holiday as much as possible. And – I represent you, as my client.

As owner of Lush Life Travel (an affiliate of Vision/ Direct Travel), I help mature travelers live their lush life by successfully taking excellent bucket list adventures.

Atop 20 years of financial risk management experience, I’ve invested another 16+ years travelling, certifying, and building my travel expertise; as well as forging relationships with top-notch travel supplier partners around the world.

I leverage all my skills and experiences to help my clients (whether solos, couples, or groups) reduce risk, increase serenity, and connect with the broader world through travel.

Previously as a financial actuary, I dealt with conventional return on investment (ROI); and now as a ‘happiness actuary,’ I deal with my clients’ RETURN ON LIFE (ROL).

After two years of the pandemic, we’re all tired. Our industry is tried. You, as my client, are tired. Mental health has been bruised and battered. And while re-generative travel is becoming important to rebuild our travel industry, I also believe that re-generative travel is important to you as my client. You need to rebuild yourself, and have travel be your therapy again.

Stress should not be part of that process.

So, I’ll be helping my clients with their own regenerative travel.

Here’s just a quick overview of what I share with clients.

First up, everyone should be double-vaccinated at least. Rules and regulations can change at a moment’s notice, and it’s not unusual for countries or states to be requiring boosters as well. Insurance is always strongly recommended (and pre-existing health matters, CoVid included, should be considered in purchase and coverage). Health forms and questionnaires, etc., are common for entry, etc. (and you can see the link to Sherpa, which is a great tool to assist, with links to government sites)

My “WHY” behind helping clients explore the world can be summarized by my flock of five, and a five-letter word: CASES.
C – stands for CONNECTION
A – stands for ADVENTURE
S – stands for SERENITY
E – stands for EXCELLENCE
S – stands for SUCCESS

I want to help my clients live a lush life. I want you, as my client, to connect to other people, cultures, and traditions.

I believe that travel helps us all become better global citizens.

I want you, as my client, to embrace the adventure, explore the world, and learn new things.

And I help you do that by taking bucket list adventures, all while providing serenity of my processes and systems, and excellently taking care the of details so you can have a successful trip.

How I Work
Please let me share some info with you that I usually send new/ prospective clients about how I work, etc. (especially since we’ve not worked together before).
Why Travel Suppliers work with Travel Advisors
Why Clients Should Work with a Travel Advisor
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About Me
Case Studies

And here are some press clips about me:
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If you’d like to move forward to having a conversation, please know that I like to schedule a 30 minute consultation call. During our call, we’ll review your travel history, needs and interests for this trip, etc., and I can review the above (how I work).

After our conversation, if you’d like to hire me to work on your travel, then, I can send through a service agreement, outlining the work you would like me to carry out, and my due process.

Kindly note the consultation is complimentary – but I’ll only begin work on your holiday once you have hired me. As a member of your professional management team (like your wealth advisor or attorney), I do charge professional fees. The exact fees will change, based on the scope of the work needed, and the manhours involved, of course, but this will give you an overview of what you might expect – Fee Schedule

If you’d like to move forward to a consultation, I’ll ask you to please complete this Consultation Survey . And then I’ll be happy to share some windows in my calendar for you to choose the best time for you, and we can get your holiday sorted!

Once you complete your consultation survey, I can send you some windows.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and it’d be my pleasure to help.

Ditch the DIY.

Call in the professionals.