Proud to be Four Seasons Preferred Partner

Besides my affiliation with Vision Travel Group, and being a proud member of Virtuoso, I am also thrilled of Vision’s additional partnership with the Four Seasons chain.

In addition to membership in Virtuoso, Vision Travel Group is a preferred partner with Four Seasons. There are only a handful of preferred partners in Canada, and we’re in august company around the globe.

As a preferred partner programme member, Vision has proven our dedication to providing our clients with a premium level of service, and, so, we share in the Four Seasons commitment to exceptional quality. And, the power of one-to-one gives me access to the top-level managers at each Four Seasons.

When you book Four Seasons through Lush Life Travel and Vision Travel, you will enjoy exclusive Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits. I will be pleased to give you more details


Why aren’t you staying at a Four Seasons for your next holiday? Give me a call, and let me take advantage of the Four Seasons Preferred Partner status to “VIP” you!